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PGM is a full-service business development company in Nigeria. We specialize in developing SMEs & MSMEs

Strategy Formulation

At PGM, we are known for developing businesses and organizations to meet their mission objectives and goals

Student Recruitment

Try our student recruitment strategies that will help you better shape your future. Contact PGM today

About PGM

At Pole Global Marketing
We value Adaptability

We put our high marketing support, negotiations, and contracting skills at our client’s disposal to develop the markets for their products and services.

Our core business as an Integrated Marketing consultancy firm has been built over two decades of combined experience in the marketplace by linking the necessary elements in different genres of business including education and training, through the line marketing communications, Public sector Consulting and applying it in the relevant markets we work in, and the clients we support
We focus on business and partnership development and aligning suitable companies and students with online and F2F programmes and courses from our global strategic partner institutions.


We offer wide range of
Business and Education Services

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Our business development solutions include Sales Representation / Localization / Channel Marketing

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Our financial solutions include Education Loans, Scholarships & approved FX benefits

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Our project management solutions include Education projects / CSR initiatives / Women Empowerment

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Our student recruitment include Partnership management / Student placements / Corporate Training

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Our strategy solutions include Sales & Business Framework / Go-to-Market Strategy

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Our enterprise digilization solutions include Online Enablement of F2F programmes and courses

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Why CHoose us

Connecting Global Partners
toAfrican Market

Years of knowledge and experience that connect educators to students, and companies to staff development.

High standards of professionalism, integrity, and trust locally and internationally.

Well-established international relationships with universities and business schools
“Ear to the ground” insight across the African continent

Market Consulting

Business Consulting

Education Consulting

Finance Consulting


What Our Valued
Customers Say


Pole Global Marketing has improved our student outcomes, increased access and affordability, and enabled new academic research across the entire education ecosystem.

KCW Limited
CEO, KCW Limited

The first place to start your business improvement is Pole Global Marketing Limited, they will critically look at your customer needs, speak to potential clients, and get feedback.

Avion Limited
CEO, Avion Limited
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